Chip Gross

Great Lakes: Small Streams, Big Salmon

For once, the timing was perfect.

“We can expect to see about 100 salmon in the stream today,” said Russ Maddin, fishing guide.

By the end of our half-day float seven miles down Michigan’s Betsie River, we’d easily seen 10-times that number of salmon, 1,000 or more.

“I’ve only seen this happen a time or two during all my years of guiding,” Maddin said. “We were definitely in the right place at the right time today.”

A steady rain the night before had triggered chinook salmon, also known as “kings,” to leave Lake Michigan and begin their annual spawning run up the Betsie. The phenomenon happens every year in late-August and September in dozens of Lake Michigan tributary rivers and streams, big and small. Waves of fish make their way …. (Read more at Cabelas’ Outfitter Journal…)