Chip Gross is a popular speaker at annual meetings, conferences, sportsmen’s wild-game dinners, father-son banquets, retirees groups, church functions, etc. A DVD of one of his presentations is available, as are references. Chip’s speaking fees are negotiable and based on three criteria: the amount of travel required, the amount of time requested to speak, and the number of people attending your event. For questions and availability, Chip can be reached by email at whchipgross@gmail.com.

Chip’s 2015 Speaking Schedule:


When: January 30, 2015
Where: Fredericktown Local Schools (K-5 assembly)
Fredericktown, Ohio

When: February 6, 2015
Where: Flushing Alliance Church (annual wild-game dinner)
Flushing, Ohio

When: February 21, 2015
Where: Ohio Veterinary Medical Association Auxiliary (annual luncheon)
Columbus, Ohio

When: July 14, 2015
Where: Pickerington Peace United Methodist Church (Senior Group)
Pickerington, Ohio