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  • Trolling Big-Water Walleyes

    On big, open water such as the Great Lakes, sprawling Western reservoirs, and large, North American rivers, trolling puts more walleyes in the boat—hour for hour—than any other fishing method.
  • Poachers Were My Prey

    "For nearly two decades, Stewart infiltrated poaching rings throughout Ohio, the Midwest, and beyond. Poachers Were My Prey chronicles his many exciting undercover adventures, detailing the techniques he used in putting poachers behind bars."
  • Ohio Wildlife Viewing Guide

    "The Ohio Wildlife Viewing Guide is a great resource for learning more about the animals of Ohio's great outdoors."
    Ohio Wildlife Viewing Guide
  • Home, At Last, is the Hunter

    "Home, At Last, Is The Hunter will not only touch your heart, but will take you into a world known only to those who have become enthralled with the outdoors and one of its most special creatures: the wild turkey."
    Home At Last is the Hunter Book
  • Steelhead & Salmon

    "Chocked full of interviews with fishing guides, charter captains, outdoors writers, and just plain good fishermen from the Great Lakes, Pacific Northwest, and Alaska, Gross’s book is loaded with fishing advice and techniques, as well as more than 60 color photographs."
    Steelhead Fishing Book
  • Shooting & Archery

    "Whether you're punching holes in paper with a rifle or handgun, crushing clays with a shotgun, or shooting a bow and arrow, one word describes shooting: FUN! And the great thing about shooting is that you can do it for a lifetime."
    Shooting Archery Book

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